“We rise by lifting each other” Cirque du Soleil
“We rise by lifting each other”
Cirque du Soleil

I actually want to name this section Company instead of Corporate or Business. In ‘Leaders Eat Last’ by Simon Sinek, he points out how as human beings we are wired to connect and we work better when we feel we are supporting the people around us ie:  in our company. If we are going to do business together then I’m sure you are a company because you want to invest in your staff to work together so it’s people and the company will thrive. 

Robyn brings over 25 years of experience and broad knowledge having worked in many sectors including; education, local government, health, finance and community services. Her leadership skills have been developed through the diversity of her positions, so she has a good understanding of HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Administration and Customer Service. In many of her positions including as Director Robyn focused on business development through developing team work, collaboration and psychological safe spaces to encourage creativity. This leadership encouraged staff retention and development. 

Just prior to Robyn moving back to Australia in 2020, the training and children’s centre where Robyn was director decided to close due to government regulations making it difficult to be viable. After announcing the news to the staff, you could imagine that they would leave the next day to search for a new job. Our work culture was so positive that all staff remained until the last day. We supported each other emotionally and physically as they helped pack up all the materials and furniture. This was very uncommon as most places would have walked out and left it all. I believe it was due to our caring culture that staff supported each other and still communicate as a group 3 years later. 

Staff leaving due to retrenchment, retirement or quitting

Transition to retirement can have a negative flow on effect of uncertainty and anxiety for all staff, not just the person retiring. Those feelings of nervousness because ‘this is how we do things here’ and ‘we’ve always done it this way’ are felt by all employees who will be effected when someone retires, is retrenched or quits


People leaving an organisation always raises emotions of fear, anxiety or frustration. ‘Am I next, What will the replacement be like, What additional duties do I need to do until you find a replacement, what changes will be made.?


We will work with your staff during this transition period to create an environment of optimism for the future. Working with the individual to help them discover what they really want to do in their next phase of life, overcome any obstacles, and reduce any anxiety so they can be motivated and energised about their journey. Working with remaining staff will help them adjust to new ways, new management styles which will create a collaborative team. Optimism can nurture creativity which leads to more ideas, choices and development. This is the ideal time to ensure your culture is working together to achieve your goals.

Result A smooth transition leading to collaboration to grow your company in an every changing environment. 


In 2012, my husband and I both lost our jobs within 2 days of each other. It was upsetting but I made a decision not to react and take any job available. I paused and thought that this was my time to think about what I’d really want to do. I had envied family and friends who had worked overseas and as our children were all living in Melbourne attending university we decided to move to China to work. Did it take courage and optimism? Yes. We lived in Beijing then in Shanghai for nearly 7 years and it was amazing, working, travelling and being exposed to this culture that was so different to our country town life.  It’s easy to do what you have always done, do what’s expected of you or what you think you ‘should’ do, but now is the time to live the life you want to live. 4evatraining offers a way for you to discover what will bring JOY to your life. You deserve to feel confident and energised to choose what is next for you.

Staff Retention


Can your company afford to lose staff?
If you have 50 staff and 5 leave in a year it cost your company around $128k.  Staff turnover can be very costly to your company when you consider recruitment costs, induction/training costs, the time taken for a new employee to become proficient, the effect on the existing staff who are trying to take on the extra load not to mention reduction in productivity.  It can take on average 10-16 weeks to recruit a new employees.  Use this calculator to see how much your company is losing each year due to staff leaving

Perhaps some of your staff have good technical skills, but not people skills.  Leaders that lack people skills and are low emotional intelligence, often end up with disengaged staff which can lead to many issues that result in skilled staff leaving the organisation.


1.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a learnable skill and it’s never too late. These learnable skills help with;

2. Communication

3. Empathy

4. Job satisfaction

5. Wellbeing

6. Success

4evatraining provides training, mentoring and coaching to reduce stress, staff turnover, and increases productivity through proven activities

You know when you want raving fans? Well, I help leaders become great role models to their team by creating better relationships which then flows onto staff having better relationships with customers. This increases job satisfaction, staff retention, higher sales and raving fans. How you treat your staff is how they will treat your customers

ResultBe a confident leader with staff who enjoy coming to work to support you and their colleagues because they feel valued, trusted and capable  


As Director the children’s centre in Shanghai I worked on creating a positive culture and as the owner’s curriculum was based on emotional intelligence this was easy although it took time and continued practice. I held weekly staff meetings called Happy Friday. We all shared what made us happy that week. We always ended up laughing and connected and this created a positive culture based on mutual respect, caring, empathy and trust. It helped staff realise their achievements, celebrate the positives and look after those that needed support. 

Have you ever lived with your boss? I have and we are still good friends today. My boss owned the children’s centre in Shanghai and after about a year we all decided to share an apartment. Not 1 argument ever occurred but we did share lots of good food, wine, laughs and of course lots of work that I am proud of. How is this possible? Well Tanya’s curriculum that I trained our staff on was based on EQ and she practiced and was a great role model for me. She gave me a safe space to be creative, empowered me to try new things and was there to offer guidance when requested. She is the boss and friend I want to be. 

Creativity in organisations


Do you need your team to come up with new ideas, new products, new marketing ideas and problem solving? Do you feel your staff aren’t working well together? Communication, Collaboration and Creativity just aren’t as good as they could be?


4evatraining works with leaders and their teams to provide proven activities, training and coaching based on emotional intelligence which build trust, creating ‘psychological safe’ places where teams want to contribute, be imaginative and creative, proactive and be part of the solution in moving forward

ResultExcited staff who are eager to speak up, feel inspired and energized to achieve great results  


You know when you identify a lack of team work. Well, I was a Director of a training Institute in China and on arrival I discovered that there were no interdepartmental meetings – no collaboration. The marketing dept didn’t really understand what they were selling and sales were declining.  I established monthly meetings to share information. Not rocket science I hear you say! For collaboration and creativity to thrive though, leaders need to create psychological safe places for staff to feel they can ask silly questions; they can offer way out suggestions and know that they will be supported to try, fail, learn and succeed. Creativity comes from a collective of people working together. 

In addition we offer:

EQ Insights to People Management

Brain Profiles

Professional development webinars / F2F

EQ Insights to Great Teachers

4evatraining provides corporate training, mentoring and coaching underpinned by the skills of
Emotional Intelligence will improve;
Empathy, Motivation, Optimism and Relationships.

4evatraining provides corporate training, mentoring and coaching underpinned by the skills of
Emotional Intelligence
will improve;
Empathy, Motivation, Optimism and Relationships.

Increased empathy will increase:-






Staff feeling valued

Improved relationships will:-

Increase sales
Increase profit
Increase creativity, imagination, proactiveness
Increase collaboration
Decrease work place incidents
Create a positive culture
Increased motivation will assist by:-

Increasing teamwork

Feeling valued
Wanting to contribute
Being proactive
Provide solutions
Increasing creativity, imagination, collaboration

Increased optimism will:-

Decrease staff turnover
Increase curiosity
Increase collaboration
Increase options and choices to move forward
Increase reaching KPI’s

Encourage staff to be forthcoming with ideas

Decrease the negativity – ‘We’ve tried this before and it didn’t work’